Press On
We just celebrated Mother’s Day and now Father’s Day is before us. With that being said, allow me to share a few thoughts concerning being a man, a father and someone who realizes that most die leaving many tasks unfinished. Notice: Philippians 3:12-14, “Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect…this one thing I do…I press toward the mark…”
The Bitter Truth I See.  Ecclesiastes 1:14
No matter how hard we work, nor how much we accomplish when it all comes to an end, we all leave behind regrets. A man said to me, “Hey, I’ve lived the life I’ve chosen and when I die, I will die without regret.” I thought about it and came to this conclusion. First, I did not believe him about having no regrets. Second, I believe that I will have many regrets at the end of my life. Regrets because of the things I could have accomplished, regrets over those I could have led to Christ, but I did not. Illustration: When Raphael, the famous artist died at the age of 37, when the funeral service proceeded to the grave, one of the mourners held a canvass in his arms. It was the last work Raphael did and it was unfinished.
The Badge of Honor So Many Have Claimed. Jeremiah 6:14
I remember when President Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. I kept asking myself over and over, “For what?” Many times world leaders have tried to force Israel to surrender her borders to radicals. Every time some outsider comes in and accomplishes nothing, they give him the Nobel Peace Prize. I loved what one Israeli official said, “Just give him the Nobel Peace Prize and send him home.” Think with me. We fought a war to end all wars. But within 25 years we were about to be destroyed in WWII. Then Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others. Ask the people who live in those countries, or the men and women who are fighting and dying, “How near are we to peace?” Whatever the problems are — world peace, social equality, liberty, economic prosperity — we see item after item on our list marked with the word “unfinished.” What about our church? The church is to be presented to the Lord, “…Not having spot, or wrinkle….holy and without blemish.” Those who are closest to the church, and involved in its work, know the answer is, “The church is an unfinished business.”
The Best Counsel That Can Be Given. Philippians 3:14
Paul, the Apostle gives us the best counsel you will find in writing, “…I will follow after…” “I press toward the mark…” Here we find that Paul knew his business was unfinished. I heard a great man say, “If what you did yesterday looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.” He went on to say, “To grow is to outgrow.” The Old Testament is filled with stories of people reaching toward the horizon, but never quite reaching it. But, they always claimed something on their way. Abraham never reached the goal he sought, but he captured a sense of destiny. Moses never entered the Promised Land, but he enjoyed the view of what he could see. Oh listen! God is not so much interested in developing a landscape as he is developing a good man. The sun, moon, stars, hills, trees, storms, flowers are just part of His handiwork, but the main theme of God is “A better man.”
There are many tasks unfinished, so many dreams unfulfilled, so many letters unwritten, so many people we could have helped, so many prayers unprayed, so many lessons unlearned and so many hours just simply wasted. We should, as Christians more than any others, know that we were made to grow. That has always been God’s way for man. That is why we should, “Press on.”
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