Heritage Baptist Academy is a small Christian school that is only open to the members of Heritage Baptist Church. We provide a Christ-centered education using A.C.E. curriculum, which is designed to allow each student to work at their own level of achievement. Subjects include: Math, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, and Bible Reading. This curriculum is structured to include all three levels of the learning process: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.*
Knowledge – Before adolescence, children focus on each new concept from a mastery viewpoint—line upon line, precept upon precept; focus is on the who, what, where, and when of information. Educators refer to this information as the knowledge dimension. However, there is development from this stage of learning to cognitive learning.*
Understanding – With adolescence, students concentrate on concepts that expand to the abstract or cognitive level; the focus is on why and how. This is referred to as the understanding dimension of life. Students learn not only facts (knowledge) but also how those facts relate to culture, science, and history (understanding).*
Wisdom – Another, and perhaps the chief distinctive of the A.C.E. curriculum, is its focus on wisdom. Most curriculum publishers focus on knowledge (facts and information), and some publishers include understanding (relationship of information). Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is distinctive in its inclusion of wisdom as a deliberate aspect of the learning process.*
Spiritual development is also part of the A.C.E. learning experience. We not only want your children to be successful academically, but we also want them to grow spiritually. This includes such traits as kindness, loyalty and honesty.*
A.C.E. conveys Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive learning in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.*
For more information, call (330) 628-9559.
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